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    Jelly Face Mask for Facials (Spa...

    🌟HOME SPA TREATMENT WITH LAVENDER JELLY FACE MASKS SKINCARE – Now enjoy the Professional Jelly Mask Facial Treatment in the comfort of your home with our LAVENDAR Jelly Mask. This is in powder form and becomes jelly with the addition of water.
    🌟GLOWY, SOFT & REJUVENATED SKIN every time – It helps to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin. Every treatment leaves your skin soft, glowy & rejuvenated every time. You will literally feel you have been to a SPA treatment. This is the best and must-have skincare regime.
    🌟DEEP NOURISHMENT – This product is different from the traditional mud mask or mask paper, giving the skin a closed protective layer. It creates an occlusive layer, thus deeply hydrating and pushing all beneficial nutrients deeply into the skin which increases the effectiveness of Jelly Mask. It helps boost collagen, enhance elasticity, brightens, tightens & revitalizes skin.

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