• $26.95

    Switch Racing Wheel Controller Grip Compatible...

    Crafted for the Very Best: Our patented Steering Wheels guarantees every moment elevates your experience and friends! Made exclusively for the most dedicated and hardcore racers out there, dominate the field while doing it with style! Best for mario kart 8 deluxe nintendo switch and f1 steering wheel!
    Durable and Reliable: Made from exceptional Polystyrene; our Steering Wheels not only boasts its power by Durability but also functionality! We made sure we spared no expense on all our switch accessoires, to bring you the quality WINNERS that you deserve! Enjoy more the mario cart!
    Easy, Comfortable, Precise Industrial grade-tested, comfort-guaranteed, and simple. Compatible with Nintendo’s variant of steering wheels and other switch accessories, we promise you, you WILL NOT know the difference. Offering you THE BEST immersive experience for those dedicated Nintendo fans out there.

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