• $49.95

    ErgoFoam Foot Rest for Under Desk...

    FOR THE BEST SUPPORT POSSIBLE, your under desk foot rest should be CUSTOMIZABLE to your needs – but many foot stools are THE WRONG HEIGHT and AREN’T ADJUSTABLE. Made by the only foot rest brand endorsed by U.S. chiropractors, the ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest ADJUSTS EASILY to the optimum height for your chair & leg length, providing the support you need for LONG-LASTING COMFORT, BETTER POSTURE, and RELIEF FROM LUMBAR, BACK, and LEG PAIN.
    THE AVERAGE OFFICE FOOT REST is great for the first fifteen minutes, but then starts to FLATTEN OUT due to LOW-QUALITY FOAM that’s too soft and flimsy. Our high-density ErgoFoam was developed to MAINTAIN ITS SHAPE and FIRMNESS over time, RESISTING COMPRESSION under the weight of your legs and feet – and providing better support than memory foam foot rest s. With a DOUBLE-SIDED NONSLIP BOTTOM, this under desk foot stool stays put and won’t slide around on your floor.
    2 FOOT RESTS IN 1! Larger and wider than other foot rest stools, our ergonomic foot rest under desk design features an ARCHED STRUCTURE for COMFY SUPPORT throughout the day. WANT TO GET YOUR FEET & LEGS MOVING? Flip over your foot pillow to transform it into a ROCKER FOOT REST for increased circulation and muscle movement. With our foot stool under desk cushion, you’ll notice IMPROVED POSTURE and less back, hip & leg pain. To clean, simply remove its velvet cover and TOSS IT IN THE WASH.

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